Welcome on the journey of caregiving

As we journey through life, many of us will become ‘caregivers’ and experience caregiving in some form or another.

Longer lifespan of the elderly and shrinking family sizes lead to a new set of challenges for caregivers today. A common scenario in Singaporean families now is that of adults having to juggle the roles of parenting and work, in addition to taking care of their elderly parents. When our loved ones encounter complicated medical conditions, the physical and emotional stress for caregivers becomes overwhelming.

Our campaign hopes to inspire more people caring for elderly family members to self-identify as caregivers, and learn ways to manage their caregiving responsibilities. Caregivers can also come together in mutual-help groups.

Because you care, it does mean not that you have to care alone.

‘Walk With Me’ is also a call to all caregivers and prospective ones, to realise the importance of self-care.

In this website, we share with you some issues close to your heart about family caregiving for the elderly. While we have concluded our campaign, do check out the posts about our community outreach events. Feel free to get in touch with us to know more too 🙂


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