Challenges of Caregiving

The challenges of caregiving may seem exhaustive and intimidating. But fret not, not everyone needs help with all tasks, at all time.

What is important is for you to understand the types of needs and the level of care required by your loved one. The areas of needs may be classified into:

  • Physical
  • Health/Medical
  • Emotional
  • Financial
  • Spiritual

Do keep in mind that every caregiving situation is unique and there is no ‘perfect caregiving’ method to meet all the challenges abound. Most caregivers learn from trial and error in search of the best way to care for their loved ones.



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One thought on “Challenges of Caregiving

  1. Very distressing when handicap toilets are locked by the building cleaners, or when able-bodied folks mis-use and dirty them. This leaves the elderly in wheelchairs without toilets to use! I encountered these at the new Katong 112 Mall, NUSS Clubhouse, East Coast Park public toilets, Bedok Point, Suntec City basement foodcourt area by the Fountain of Wealth, Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands, Marina Square, Marine Parade NTUC Finest supermarket, to name a few recent encounters when bringing my Dad out. I have resorted to wheel him into the Ladies, in search of a toilet stall!

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